Timang Island/Beach

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Visit the TImang Island

Timang Beach/Island, Tourist destination is  located  at Tepus Gunung Kidul  is one of new most famous tourist destination in Jogjakarta, beside Borobudur temple and Prambanan temple, or Merapi Volcano. Visiting Timang island  give you  the very rare experience  to riding cable cart.

How to get to Timang Island ?
Timang Island / beach could reach about 2 hours by coach from Jogjakarta, and after we take 30 minutes taxi motor that available on the village organized by local people. On the beach to reach Timang Island there are 2 options,  riding traditional cable cart/or we call  as traditional gondola  or walking passing trough the cable bridge to reach the beach to small island, that use also by local people to hunt the lobster,  that separated by sea with powerful southern ocean waves.

Timang Beach/Island Tour itinerary as followed
07.00 pick up and depart from hotel drive to Gunung Kidul
09.00 arrive at last  village take taxi motor to reach the Timang Beach
09.30 arrive at Timang beach  where you can take Cable cart or Traditional gondola  or walking on the cable  bridge
12.00 go back to  village join the coach and drive back to Jogjakarta

Yogya Tours  Tour Operator and Travel Service  offers this daily departure tour to visit  Timang beach/Island  from Jogjakarta, for further information please contact us