Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple:
Borobudur this is magnificent Buddhist monument constructed between 750 and 850 AD when Central Java still a Buddhist kingdom. Long abandoned, the first re-discovery and appreciation of Borobudur began in 1815 under Raffles, who was the Let.Gov. Java during the brief period of British rule. The real work of total reconstruction of the thousands of stone and relief took place under the Indonesian government, who with the assistance of UNESCO, completed a 10 year restoration projection 1984. Today, Borobudur is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site with & levels and 1460 carved stone relief’s telling the story of Buddha and representing the steps from the earthly realm to Nirvana. Located only 42 km from Jogja the Borobudur is the best seen in the early morning or at twilight.

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