Dieng Plateau

Dieng Plateau:
Dieng plateau lies at 2093 m altitude above the sea level, and about 20kmS.W of Wonosobo. It has a cool climate, in the afternoon the climate is fresh and will very cold at the night. The average temperature is 15 C, usually it will turn into 0 C or even lower on July and August. Beside having a beautiful scenery with temples that had built by Caylendra Dynasty in the mid of 8 century. Once can take Tobacco Walk in Sindoro Mountain, Wonosobo or Tea Walk in Teh Tembi Plantation , etc. Where as Wonosobo is a city with a fresh climate in highland which surrounded by four mountains such as M. Sumbing (3.371m), M. Sindoro (3.162 m), M Bisma (2.365 m ) and M . Ragajembangan (2.177m). The nature of beauty can be seen a long the way to the area which has a high frequency of rain, especially to the north side that can reach up to 1.500 mm per year. The beauty of Sindoro and Sumbing can be enjoyed in the early morning from Kledung Pass and Restaurant. Tobacco Walk in Tobacco season or Tea Walk at Tambi tea plantation can be preserved here in any time.