Pindul Cave and Glatik Cave

Pindul Cave and Glatik Cave 

Discovering the Pindul cave the visitors will cruise along the subterranean river using the rubber tire boats. Inside, with using torch visitors  enjoy stalactite cave, and have to move themselves with pushing rubber tires boats other participants who had difficulty to move directing. Cruising with rubber tire boat inside the cave through several stalactites are inhabited by many bats and eventually and passing a beautiful cave walls in a section where there are water droplets, called Water Pearls. Water Pearl is pearl-colored water that drips from the walls of stalactite, passing he corridor cave narrowed and only passable size of a rubber tire boats and should be skipped in the alternation. Passing a cave room which contained a set of beautiful stalactites that form quite similar to decorative stone curtain.. There are a large stalactite stalactites which are  in the top ranking of no. 4 worldwide. This stalactite was long and large, the tip of stalactites up to get into the underground river and cave cavities partly closed so visitor had to pass through the hall alternately one by one. Finally we entered the last zone in which the cave is called vertical (luweng). Here we can swim are welcome to jump off the cliff cave but use a life jacket.