Taman Sari

Tamansari is Water castle is located on the street about 500 meters south of Jogjakarta Pa lace. Tamansari is a park, which once was a recreational place for the Sultan an the royal family. There were many facilities built in this coplex including a bathing pol, man-made islands, an artificial lake, and floating mosque. Nowadays this park and castle is no more than a collection of ruins. Tamansari was built by Sultan HB I and has functioned as a royal recreational park until The Sultan HB III period. The remainder of the complex which can be seen are Gapura Panggung (the main entrance gate on the Eastside), Umbul Kawitan, (bathing pool), Pamuncar, Gapura Agung (the Western Gate), Sumur Gumuling, Plengkung Taman Segara, Pulau Kenanga and pulau Panembung.