Cycling Tour at Prambanan Village

discover villages around the Prambanan temple

In Jogjakarta there are the main objects such as  the Sultan Palace, Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple, but you could do some sportive activities to stay more closer with the people and nature. We present Prambanan Region  as the most complete area where the people could see the ancient temples, the villages in a cycling tour package.  Prambanan is not far from Jogjakarta, in the eastern side approx 12 km from Jogjakarta city, this area was capital of the old Mataram Kingdom, so Prambanan is rich with historical tourist objects such as: the biggest temple Hindu Prambanan, King Boko Palace, and many small ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples in it sourrounding, the villages, the rice fields with the the farmers daily activities. This region is divided into hilly land sloping ground so it is suitable for the cycling. This is the alternative activity during your tour in Jogjakarta, the sportive in soft to middle level.

We offer you the most interesting Prambanan Cycling Tour to discover the temples, enjoy the hilly trek in the soft and middle level cycling tour, start from the complex of Prambanan temple and finish at King Boko Palace historical site.
with itinerary as followed:

09.00 start the cycling tour from  the parking area of Prambanan temple, leave the Prambanan Temple to Sojiwan temple.
09.30 visit Sojiwan temple the Buddhist temple built at 8th century
10.00 driver to climb up the Boko hill pass through  Sumber Watu Resort to reach the higher point where we could see the Prambanan temple and the Mt. Merapi on the northern side. the trek is variable from the flat track, hilly trek, up trek where you have to  possibility  to get off the bike and walk to be able to climb up to the top.
11.00 stop on the the point  to see the Prambanan temple and Mt. Merapi from the higher point of the Boko Hill.
11.30 Continue trek with passing through the village to enjoy the people life and stop over on the reservoir, that consider as the water source for the  people at its surrounding.
12.00 Stop at Candi Barong the Hindu temple built at 8th century
12.30 continue with slight down hill trek to reach Ratu Boko Palace the site historical built at 9 the century and consider as the Palace on the hill
13.00 Stop on the parking area of King Boko Place. End of service

Cycling tour including
1. English Tour Guide/Instructor
2. Mountain Bike and safety helmet
3. Entrances Fees and Donations
4. Mineral Water

Other package  could be organize more comfortable with only cycling tour to visit the village, rice field, and the temple around the Prambanan Temple.  Buy this tour or further information about cycling tour in Prambanan Village please do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy the beauty view

Visit historical site

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